Who we Are

Our Name

Like any individual in the Bible who embodied and lived out the meaning of their name, we too have been called a name that must be embodied. “Imperial Gate” is what God calls us. The word Imperial is the Hebrew word ‘shalat’ which means to have rule and to empower to have rule. The primitive root of the word means; to dominate, i.e. to govern; by implication, to permit to have rule, to have dominion, to give (have) power.  A gate on the other hand represents God’s call to be His House and a gate of Heaven in our region according to Genesis 28 and John 1:51.

iGate is therefore a house of God and a gate of Heaven, with a mandate to govern and to empower others to govern.

Our Blueprint

Our blueprint is an actual diagram just like any other blueprint. This diagram is a living document. It is dynamic in nature and not static. It is designed to illustrate how every aspect of who we are and what we do relates to each other. Above all, it is a skeletal image or wireframe that shows who we are as one body, our anatomy and physiology.

Our Anatomy – 4 Faces

As Paul explained in scripture, every individual is like a body part. Not everyone is a leg, or a hand or an eye. Thankfully the anatomy and physiology of our body isn’t as complicated as that of the human body. Our anatomy comprises of 4 faces. These faces can be seen in Ezekiel 4:10 and they include the face of a Lion, an Ox, an Eagle and a Man.

To understand these faces, one must think like a Hebrew. This kind of thinking beckons us to focus on function and not form. For example, the face (ie. form) of a lion isn’t as important as the role and function biblically attributed to it. The same goes for the other 3 faces.

We believe Jesus embodied and still is an embodiment of these faces. Our goal is therefore to help each member of our house identify themselves in Christ, as it relates to one or more of the four faces. He is our blueprint and each member of our body is therefore able to look at the blueprint and:

  1. Find themselves in Him.
  2. Understand what role they’re called to play while we discover and establish platforms that allows them to freely express who and what they are.
  3. Understand our core values – how to relate with others who are part of this blueprint (i.e. members of our House) and live out our family practices.
  4. Understand our Vision

Our Vision – Oneness

It is safe to assume that the final words of a dying father is indicative of His biggest & deepest desire. If it is true that in seeing Christ, we’ve seen His Father, then it must be true that His final prayer before He went to the cross points to the Father’s deepest desire. So what’s the biggest thing on God’s heart? Is it the salvation of every soul? Is His biggest desire to see us fully transformed into the image of Christ? Is it to see us all make it to Heaven? If your answer to any of these questions is a yes, then we beg to differ and submit to you that His biggest desire is all encompassing. The summary of is to see all things become one in Him. (John 17:11, 21-22)


iGate started with a Vision that can be summed up in one word – Oneness. This word represents what we’re daily embracing and laying our lives down for. Considering the fact that it was Christ’s final prayer, we believe it is the biggest thing on God’s heart. We also believe that this desire is so important to God that He got the Apostle Paul to re-emphasize it in a verse of scripture that has become our Vision statement as a Church.


We’re embracing and executing a long-range plan in which everything would be brought together and summed up in Christ, everything in deepest heaven, everything on planet earth. (Ephesians 1:10 MSG)